Masis: compelling and meaningful, a story cleverly told

“Masis portrays characters rarely seen in literature: the everyday Armenians trying to create a life and an identity in a post-Soviet world. The portrayal of their daily lives goes beyond the stereotype and into their inner lives to show the struggles and the rewards experienced by the faceless masses thus making them unique individuals.” – Tamar Kevonian, Yerevan Magazine

Masis offers a rare glimpse of present-day Armenia, a dynamic metropolis rich with luxury cars, outdoor markets, and medieval churches nestled alongside high-rise apartment complexes.

In Armenia’s capital, Yerevan, an ancient culture is coping with remnants of communism and now an unquenchable desire for a western lifestyle. In this setting is Arin Karyan, whose professional ambitions have metamorphosed into a willingness to pay any price to tap into the riches flowing from the United States. Unfulfilled by his cozy family life with his intelligent and strong wife, Nara, he is tempted by the irresistible Ruzanna and the dangerous Yerevan underworld. A chance shooting gives him the opportunity he’s been seeking, and when his true nature becomes at odds with a local crime boss, then not even his uncanny ability to enter the surreal can save him. When all seems lost, Arin’s salvation comes in the most unlikely of places, and so begins a mesmerizing and soul-searching journey into an alter-Armenia which is as mischievous as it is mysterious. Following his vision, Arin must ultimately stand against his greatest fear.

At its heart, Masis is a heart-warming tale of love, tragedy, humor and greed—and the decisions one makes when few choices exist.

This is the debut novel by Adam Raffi Kevorkian, now in its second printing.

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